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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tippecanoe Community Impact Workshop

An Action Item at the Midwest City Impact Roundtable in October 2004 was to set up regional meetings around the State of Indiana, in order to connect people involved with transformation ministry.

The first of these meetings, called Community Impact Workshops, has been scheduled in Lafayette, IN, on Wed, March 30, 2005. It will serve Tippecanoe and the surrounding 7 counties (Fountain, Warren, Benton, White, Carroll, Clinton, and Montgomery.)

The invitations are not restricted to these counties, so all of you are welcome, but the Panel members, and other speakers will focus on regional matters.

Please forward this email to anyone on your list who would be interested in coming, or would be interested in a Community Impact Workshop in their area. This is the only way that this information will be disseminated, because I do not have an extensive statewide mailing list. Part of the idea of these meetings is to develop the network of Transform Indiana.

I look forward to seeing you at a Community Impact Workshop in your area.



Eldon E. Kibbey
CBMC Indiana
P.O. Box 68208
Indianapolis IN 46268-0208

Tentative Schedule

Tippecanoe Community Impact Workshop
Wednesday, Mar 30, 2005

Lafayette, IN

Location – City Center Holiday Inn Select
Downtown Lafayette, IN
Scope: Tippecanoe & 7 surrounding counties
Purpose: Invite mayors & other city officials, church leaders, business & professional leaders, educators, and any others who are interested in discovering faith-based solutions to community problems
11:30-12:30pm Lunch – either provided or on own
12:30pm Opening Prayer
1:00pm Panel discussion presenting community issues
Mayor of Lafayette
IN Legislature member
US Rep Steve Buyer?
3 Clergymen
` 2:00pm Roundtable discussion, brainstorm solutions
3:00pm Feedback – consider actions
3:30pm Break – snacks
4:00pm Roundtable – focus on specific tasks
5:00pm Feedback – develop action plans
5:30pm Assign responsibilities – set teams & accountability
5:45pm Closing Prayer
Cost – to be determined


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