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Friday, August 26, 2005

Community Action: Families & Mentoring

Transform Indiana has focused its recent meetings on the topic: Breaking out of the Jail Cycle, with a view toward solving the jail overcrowding problem that the Indianapolis Star has been writing about for over 2 years.

A recent "Call To Action" meeting, attended by some 400 from the Indianapolis community, was specifically focused on the recent shooting deaths of 5 teenagers.

Dr. John Perkins, at the July Transform Indiana meeting asked, and answered this question:
“What’s broken in America and we’re not fixing it?”
“Broken relationships with God, and with families, within the community.”

The following Action Items resulted from the discussions at these meetings:
  • Churches need to come out of their shells and get involved, if they are not already.
  • Parents need to step up: Listen to your kids. Don't be afraid to set & enforce boundaries.
  • Everyone... don't wait on politicians, police or others... we can do stuff to cure this now.
  • 'Mentoring' is clearly part of the solution. Plenty of opportunities. Few volunteer mentors.
  • Jesus Christ is the answer. Prayer is needed.
  • Re-connect the faith community for impact.

Transform Indiana’s Scope of Ministry is largely directed at the last item:

  • Re-connect the faith community for impact.

Therefore, we have determined the following Action Steps:

  1. Develop creative ways to facilitate connections between suburban & urban churches, as well as other organizations that are already working in the area of mentoring, such as Big Brothers / Big Sisters and Amachi
  2. Consider a "mixer" at the CCDA Conference to introduce Indianapolis ministry people to each other
  3. Help those to focus on building relationships before talking about specific projects
  4. Develop creative ways to build teams that "take little steps, by faith" – start with community clean-up projects and other one-day activities, before setting up long-term projects
  5. Develop accountability for each other, with each other

We will begin to implement these at the Transform Indiana meeting on Tuesday, September 13, at Crossroads Bible College. Our plan is to seat pastors, church leaders, and ministry leaders at round tables to discuss ways to implement the above-stated solutions. Our purpose is to facilitate connection of churches and other ministries, so that they can begin to build relationships, which will lead to partnerships in meeting needs.

The 2nd implementation will be a “speed dating” session at the CCDA Conference in November. http://ccdaindy.org/This will enable pastors and ministry leaders to meet up to 10 other leaders, in hopes of building lasting relationships which will lead to ministry partnerships.

Please plan to attend the September 13 Transform Indiana meeting, and invite your pastor, or the leader of your ministry!


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