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Thursday, December 09, 2004

New Capability for 'Blue Heelers'...

Thanks to the latest acceleration of internet communication -- the BLOG -- our Transform Indiana 'blue heelers' team is now able to all participate online together as a team, without special software... and (almost) without training. Thanks Lord!

So come back often, we'll hope to be collaboratively generating fresh content all the time, as the TI movement grows throughout the state. And of course, we're generating an RSS feed (aggregate THIS!), to facilitate syndication of transformational news coming out of Indiana... so our good friend, Rev. Phil Miglioratti will be able to keep up with it all, as he aggregates 'city reaching' reports from around the country for the National Pastors Prayer Network... and Mission America Coalition.

May God work extraordinarily among our cities as a result.

[Stay tuned to see who all will be the first among many here, to post Transformation updates. If you're interested in joining the Blue Heeler Blog-team... LOL... email me. Oh, and mark your calendar to be at the special Innovation Forum in Indianapolis on Monday, January 17th, for a blog luncheon training session. $25 goes to a great cause... accelerating the gospel in Indy.]

See you all on Dec.14th for the next TI luncheon... this time at the International House of Prayer, where our special guest speaker will be Rhonda Hughey. Important details at... you guessed it... TransformIndiana.com .


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