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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Future Meeting Info

[See the post & link below...]

Thursday, February 21, 2008

TransformIndiana.org... the collaborative wiki knowledge-base

Over time, we've found ourselves tending toward using the Transform Indiana (.org) wiki-page more & more to collaboratively plan & build our goals, our timeline and meeting content.

It's free. It's easy. It's collaborative -- all our driven Christians around the state are welcome to help EDIT information there, to expedite our ability to coordinate/act as a statewide team... comprised of existing city-networks.

So we'll largely be letting this blog-site just sit here as a referral-point... directing active traffic to... TransformIndiana.org.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Next meeting... Nov. 16th... Learning from CCDA

We will plan to meet on Friday (not our usual Thursday), November 16 at Brookside Church, 1035 N. Olney St., at 12 noon (til 2:00 pm). Aaron Shelby will be our host.

While we always pray & plan together, the special topic will be feedback & discussion re CCDA St. Louis 2007. And how to translate what we've learned into greater local action in the name of Christ.

And as always, the lunchtime event serves to CONNECT the driven Christian leaders in the city. Come get to know people you'd really like to get to know.

"Connect great hearts & minds... they'll know what to do."

Everyone welcome. But it's 'BYOL'... so stop by McD's on the way.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Aug. 16 -- Faith Hope & Love Week Report

The 'Transform Indiana' ministry networking strategy is to connect great hearts & hands -- they'll know what to do. Lay a well-connected, Bible-believing set of communications tracks, and any collaborative ministry initiative can then benefit from such a growing network....

..."to change lives & communities".

Well now it's time to see if that truly works. Come hear Merlin Gonzales' presentation following the recent "Faith Hope & Love Week" in Indianapolis.

Merlin Gonzales at FHL Prayer Rally

And also hear from FHL's recent venture in Columbia.

This Transform Indiana noon meeting will rotate to Crossroads Bible College... 601 N. Shortridge Rd (map). Everyone is welcome. No cost. But remember... this is a 'serious lunch bunch' -- it's BYOL. **smile** [Drinks will be provided.]

Come be a part of this collaborative network to expedite the Great Commission in our city & state, on our watch.

No cost. High impact.


Bonus: 'Crime Fighter of the Year'... Professor Walt Willett will be with us on the 16th. Walt was honored recently as 'Crime Fighter of the Year' in Indianapolis Police Dept's Southeast District. [link to news story and related links]. Walt will be available to share a little about his approach to neighborhood-focused ministry. So come join us and bring your questions.... and your brown-bag lunch.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ft. Wayne Wiki...

Today's new collaborative tool for working & learning together.... is a 'wiki'.

It's the Hawaiin term for 'quick'. They're quick, easy and FREE -- a perfect tool for learning about collaborative Christian efforts, city-by-city, neighborhood-by-neighborhood.

Today, Fort Wayne chimes in...

Thanks Jon & Adam for helping grow the Fort Wayne Christian Wiki.

Ft. Wayne... "Look Busy"

It's always good to hear from some of our Ft. Wayne cityreaching friends. This video comes from perhaps the most innovative Christian in Ft. Wayne (any challengers? LOL)... Jon Swanson.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Upcoming TI meeting at Zion Unity... 4/19...

The next lunchtime meeting of Transform Indiana ministry networkers will be April 19th... NOON til 2pm.

The hosting pastor this month will be Reverend Fredrick Boyd, Jr., of Zion Unity Missionary Baptist Church... 3859 E 10th Street, directly across from the Dairy Queen.

[So you know where to go, to 'BYOL', right? **smile**]

Pastor Boyd is also leading the Creation Evidence Crusade initiative for the Fall.

Connect with the various Eastside collaborating churches & ministries... and other driven Christians from all over the metro area.

Our TI meetings are always a great opportunity to come get to know people NOT like yourself, pray together and see what God might be leading us all to do as a result. Hear more and ask your questions on the 19th.

See you there.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

TI's Lunchtime Meeting... March 15th...

Pastor Chet Berry

Our next lunchtime meeting of the Transform Indiana ministry networking initiative will be Thursday, March 15th.

The meeting rotates to Hope Church (CMA), 2500 E. 98th Street, Carmel (map-link), where Pastor Chet Berry is connecting pastors together for the sake of reaching 'every man, woman and child' in the community... with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

It's BYOL as normal. So stop by McD's/Arby's, etc.... and come listen in. Meet pastors, leaders and other driven Christians who are collaborating to accelerate the Great Commission here in the metro area in 2007.

Questions? Email Eldon Kibbey, statewide moderator.