c Transform Indiana... What's the latest?: November 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

Annual Timeline Planning Meeting... Dec. 19th

Bible-believing ministry leaders around the city (& state)...

Tuesday, December 19th... (Noon) will be the Annual Timeline Planning Meeting, sponsored by the Transform Indiana ministry network of networks.

We'll be providing a luncheon at the Unleavened Bread Cafe (30th x Central Ave, map-link). RSVP required... ekibbey@cbmc.com . [Donation at the door, $10.00] ... [It's a great cause -- all proceeds will go to the inner-city cafe ministry.]

The purpose is to intentionally pray together, and then plan/pursue a well-coordinated timeline of key events involved in the Great Commission here in our city/cities... for the upcoming year(s) ahead.

This calls for increasing commitment to our common mission and to its accomplishment TOGETHER in some practical ways.

Prerequisites getting your ministry's key events onto the timeline...

  • Bring a handout -- a calendar detailing key events (2007 and beyond)
  • Preferably... email it to Eldon Kibbey in advance -- we'd like to prepare a tentative draft of a consolidated timeline, in time for our meeting that day.

Also... we're anxious for this annual planning session to help take us to a new level. To do that, we recognize a need for greater commitment to organizing and coordinating our efforts of faith. So please also...

  • Bring a list of your primary goals for 2007 (personal or ministry)
  • Mention any particular city/state goal you'd like to see accomplished TOGETHER.
  • Be prepared to say what your level of collaborative commitment will be for 2007.

    Example: "I will actively participate in our 12 monthly networking events. And I will specifically help with my area's "Faith Hope & Love" events."

    Or: "I will commit 10% of my ministry time to collaborative city ministry together. That will include attending 12 monthly planning meetings and 12 monthly networking events. I specifically will help network prayer warriors throughout the city."

Please RSVP asap to Eldon Kibbey... ekibbey@cbmc.com

And as you prepare the above handout(s), you would be very welcome to send them to Eldon in advance.