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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Notes from "Perkins Jail-break"

"Breaking Out of the Jail Cycle"

Notes from Dr. John Perkins – 7/19/05 Transform Indiana meeting

The answer is – The Family!

Transform Indiana focused on "Breaking Out of the Jail Cycle" for the second month, with Dr. John Perkins speaking on the subject.

He got straight to the point, by first, asking, and then answering the question, “What’s broken in America and we’re not fixing it?”

His answer: “Broken relationships with God, with the family, within the community.”

He emphasized the problems associated with no father in the home (some of these are detailed, below.)

Most of the men in prison come from fatherless homes. (85% of youths in prison grew up in fatherless homes.)

Dr. Perkins’ conclusion about solving the overall prison problem is that any solution that doesn’t fix the family won’t fix the problem.

The second issue that he addressed, was, “How do we solve the problem for the current 2.5 million people in prison?”

He assured us that all but 1-2% of those people would come back into society, so we need to deal with the issues of re-entry to society, and reduce recidivism.

He suggested a program with 10 people from a church visiting the same group of prisoners, say 25, on a weekly basis. The church should have a half-way house, operated by the same 10 people, which would house the released prisoners, provide them jobs, and assimilate them into their church,. He emphasized the importance of helping them to learn how to make decisions, in order for them to re-enter society

It is important for people coming out of prison to return to a neighborhood similar to the one where they grew up. This means that suburban churches will not be able to have the half-way house close to their church, so he suggested a partnership with an inner-city church, with, perhaps, 10 people from each church being involved. The suburban church could provide the funding for the half-way house located near the inner-city church.

The August 9 meeting of Transform Indiana will discuss ways of implementing these suggestions.

Eldon Kibbey
Transform Indiana

The following information was copied from: http://www.fathersforlife.org/

It's Official: The Experiment Has Failed
For the best part of thirty years we have been conducting a vast experiment with the family, and now the results are in: the decline of the two-parent, married-couple family has resulted in poverty, ill-health, educational failure, unhappiness, anti-social behaviour, isolation and social exclusion for thousands of women, men and children.
From Experiments in Living: The Fatherless Family
By Rebecca O'Neill; Sept. 2002, CIVITAS
• 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes.
[U. S. D.H.H.S. Bureau of the Census]
• 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes.
• 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes.
[Center for Disease Control]
• 80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless homes.
[Criminal Justice and Behavior, Vol. 14 p. 403-26]
• 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes.
[National Principals Association Report on the State of High Schools]
• 70% of juveniles in state operated institutions come from fatherless homes
[U.S. Dept. of Justice, Special Report, Sept., 1988]
• 85% of all youths sitting in prisons grew up in a fatherless home.
[Fulton County Georgia Jail Populations and Texas Dept. of Corrections, 1992]
• Nearly 2 of every 5 children in America do not live with their fathers.
[US News and World Report, February 27, 1995, p.39]

What does this mean? Children from fatherless homes are:
• 4.6 times more likely to commit suicide,
• 6.6 times to become teenaged mothers (if they are girls, of course),
• 24.3 times more likely to run away,
• 15.3 times more likely to have behavioral disorders,
• 6.3 times more likely to be in a state-operated institutions,
• 10.8 times more likely to commit rape,
• 6.6 times more likely to drop out of school,
• 15.3 times more likely to end up in prison while a teenager.
(The calculation of the relative risks shown in the preceding list is based on 27% of children being in the care of single mothers.)
and — compared to children who are in the care of two biological, married parents — children who are in the care of single mothers are:
• 33 times more likely to be seriously abused (so that they will require medical attention), and
• 73 times more likely to be killed.
["Marriage: The Safest Place for Women and Children", by Patrick F. Fagan and Kirk A. Johnson, Ph.D. Backgrounder #1535.]

Sunday, July 24, 2005

'Faith, Hope & Love' Week starts TODAY...

'Faith, Hope & Love'... is a week long period starting today, July 24... helping neighbors in our community, followed by a festival to celebrate this annual event. [continue -- see how you can get involved]

Monday, July 18, 2005


Pastor Becki Jenkins
Missionary Connection
Founder of “C….. Mobile” Church on the move.

At some point in every life there is a pivotal moment that defines the next direction. We can either ignore it or do some hard searching with our L-rd to make a wise choice at the fork in the road we call a life altering epiphany. Something that can change our direction sharply leaving everything we have worked for in futility and in vanity to follow the real purpose for our lives. This can happen even if we are already serving the L-rd with all our hearts and all of our strength we may find ourselves in a life/service epiphany where our L-rd reserves the right to alter or change our direction in Him according to His will and purpose. This can be a very confusing or frustrating time as the L-rd reveals His new direction for us but rest assured it is His plan, His purpose and we do not always have to understand or see where it is all going but trust and obey with full confidence He knows exactly what He is doing with each soul that dares to just say yes. See http://mcconnect.blogspot.com/ for the complete article

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Indiana Network of Prison Ministries?

This directory-site seems like a fine idea. Thoughts anyone?

Or how about this?

Member of The International Network of Prison Ministries

Saturday, July 09, 2005

July 19 -- Dr. Perkins... on "Breaking Out of the Jail Cycle"

Dr. John Perkins, the founder and president emeritus of CCDA will be joining us as we enter the last few weeks before the national gathering here in Indy.

John M. Perkins is a sharecropper's son who grew up in Mississippi amidst dire poverty. Perkins fled to California when he was 17 and vowed never to return after his older brother's murder at the hands of a town marshal. However, in 1960, after his conversion to Christianity, he returned to his boyhood home to share the gospel of Christ.

His outspoken nature and support and leadership in civil rights demonstrations resulted in repeated harassment, imprisonment and beatings.

Despite dropping out of school in the third grade, Dr. Perkins has now received recognition for his work with seven honorary doctorates from Wheaton College, Gordon, Huntington, Geneva, Spring Arbor, North Park and Belhaven colleges. He is an international speaker and teacher on racial reconciliation, leadership and community development.

Dr. Perkins will be speaking on our continuing topic of "Breaking Out of the Jail Cycle" at the noon-time Transform Indiana ministry networking meeting, rotating to the InterChurch Center, 1100 W. 42nd Street (map)... 2nd floor, Krannert Room. [And don't forget to stop by McD's on the way... BYOL.]

[Note: Earlier that day, Dr. Perkins will be speaking at the 'Community Faith Forum'... rotating to East 91st Street Christian Church (map). Everyone is also welcome to come (8am) to hear more about the Christian Community Development movement and how Indianapolis is being impacted! For further information, visit our CCDA Blog. ]

Friday, July 08, 2005

Our Secret? "B.Y.O.L."

Our regular Transform Indiana ministry networking lunch-time meetings are typically free, as we warmly welcome pastors, leaders and other Christ-followers who are anxious to make an impact in their city, community or neighborhood here in Indiana.

We create value through our network of relationships... despite having no operating budget. How can we do that, you ask? Our secret is carefully hidden in the acronym...
B.Y.O.L... Bring Your Own Lunch.

This is a 'serious working-lunch bunch'. **smile**
So stop by McD's or somewhere on the way, bring your lunch... and we'll eat, mingle, listen and work... making the most of our time together.

The monthly dates are announced here at the TransformIndiana.com site, as well as the location... as we intentionally try to rotate the meeting throughout the Indianapolis metro area... and even sometimes to nearby cities.

We look forward to meeting you and working together in the name of Christ.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Today's national CityReaching telecon...

I took some (great, if I say so myself, LOL) notes during today's Mission America national teleconference call among veteran city-reachers around the country.

Got some terrific ideas from some of these vets...

[continued at CityReaching Blog]