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Saturday, July 09, 2005

July 19 -- Dr. Perkins... on "Breaking Out of the Jail Cycle"

Dr. John Perkins, the founder and president emeritus of CCDA will be joining us as we enter the last few weeks before the national gathering here in Indy.

John M. Perkins is a sharecropper's son who grew up in Mississippi amidst dire poverty. Perkins fled to California when he was 17 and vowed never to return after his older brother's murder at the hands of a town marshal. However, in 1960, after his conversion to Christianity, he returned to his boyhood home to share the gospel of Christ.

His outspoken nature and support and leadership in civil rights demonstrations resulted in repeated harassment, imprisonment and beatings.

Despite dropping out of school in the third grade, Dr. Perkins has now received recognition for his work with seven honorary doctorates from Wheaton College, Gordon, Huntington, Geneva, Spring Arbor, North Park and Belhaven colleges. He is an international speaker and teacher on racial reconciliation, leadership and community development.

Dr. Perkins will be speaking on our continuing topic of "Breaking Out of the Jail Cycle" at the noon-time Transform Indiana ministry networking meeting, rotating to the InterChurch Center, 1100 W. 42nd Street (map)... 2nd floor, Krannert Room. [And don't forget to stop by McD's on the way... BYOL.]

[Note: Earlier that day, Dr. Perkins will be speaking at the 'Community Faith Forum'... rotating to East 91st Street Christian Church (map). Everyone is also welcome to come (8am) to hear more about the Christian Community Development movement and how Indianapolis is being impacted! For further information, visit our CCDA Blog. ]


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