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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Is your child really safe?

Missionary Connection
Becki Jenkins

Thousands of children are missing each year. Out of 70,000 children missing last year less than 2,000 were located using the Amber alert system. While the Amber alert system is very good,everyone knows that time is of the essence when trying to recover a lost child or loved one. Introducing a new companion to the Amber Alert system called Pre Amber Alert! While Pre Amber Alert is not affiliated with the oragnizational structure of Amber Alert it is celebrated as a very useful tool in conjunction with Amber Alert. please go to : www.preamberalert.com/4indiana for more information on this time honored and critical child/family protection program. Your childs life may depend on it!

Does your child know what a good touch is vs. a bad touch? DO you know how to talk to your children about such things? Thousands of children are molested in this country between the ages of 5-16 and 98% are molested by people they trust and know. It is time we educated our little ones and we need to know what is going on too. A blind eye protects no one! Molestation leaves scars that last a life time. Isn't it time we stopped it before it starts?

Having survived this type of abuse and living with the scars it created, i wish this program existed when it was happeneing to me. G-ds word tells us that His people die for lack of knowledge. Some of us do not want thier children exposed to things that might elude to sex or sex education. Beleive me I understand. But parents, if we don't teach them someone will and they may not teach G-ds view. It is up to us to protect our little ones and it is up to us to give them the tools to do so. This means we have to learn first and then take control of our little ones education from academics to sexuality and everything that may come with. If you would like more information or would like a presentation at your church or school, please contact Becki Jenkins at : becki5789@msn.com. There is no time like the present.


  • At 9:11 AM, Blogger krista said…

    What does it mean to teach Good Touch Bad touch in "God's way"?

  • At 9:37 AM, Blogger MC Connect said…

    There are a number of people at law enforcement agencies that teach the Good Touch Bad Touch Program. SOme are believers and some are not. Gods way simply means that those that teach the program that are believers will always present G-ds view in additon to program information concerning the ways in which a child is touched. There are many teachings today that do not align with G-ds view. The Good Touch Bad Touch program is what it is. The G-ds way I was refering to was more upon the lines of sex education for our kids that leaves out the world view or accepted alternate pracitces that G-d does not endorce as His paln for us concerning sexuality. Feel free tocontact me ...I would love to discuss futher with you if you still have questions..Pastor Becki 317-627-5813 or becki5789@msn.com thank you for asking your question...if you feel I have not fully answered it or you would like further clarification on the intended meaning of the content...please contact me...I am happy to help...


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