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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Noel Castellanos... Christianity Today article

Remember Noel Castellanos being here in Indy in February for our CCDA/TransformIndiana meeting? This week he showed up in Christianity Today in an article that will rock the way we do church. Definitely cool. Recall, Noel will be among other great city impacters coming in November for CCDA Indy 2005. [check out their CCDA Blog]

[excerpted from Christianity Today's featured articles this month]

In Divided by Faith: Evangelicals and the Problem of Race in America (2000), sociologists Michael O. Emerson and Christian Smith argued that much of the racial dysfunction in the American church today is the result of an individualized theological worldview that blinds white evangelicals to certain societal injustices. The book's shocking assertion stirred debate and became a paradigm-shifting read for many evangelical leaders

[continued at ChristianityToday.com]

[hat-tip, Rudy Carrasco... UrbanOnramps.com]

[This particular issue of CT is a 'must-read' for all city impacters. And IMHO it will become a classic, as it's definitely thought-provoking, and may even offend our traditional experience of 'doing church'. While it has long been a core part of the culture & training at Crossroads Bible College, when you have major (white) players like Bill Hybels questioning his first 25 years of ministry, you know God is working in unbelievable ways to pull the Church together. ...Neil]


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