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Sunday, February 27, 2005

March 8th... Jimmy Dorrell, Mission Waco...

The March 8th meeting of Transform Indiana will again coincide with the "Community Faith Forum" series. This time, the special guest speaker will be Jimmy Dorrell, from Mission Waco. He'll speak in the morning for the forum (open to the public), and then will join us for our lunchtime meeting of Transform Indiana (from noon til 2pm).

[Here's his bio -- it's incredible what all he's doing and who's boards he serves on. It's great to having him coming to Indy!]

The meeting rotates to Neighborhood Fellowship on east 10th street, where Outreach Indiana is co-located. It should be yet another great meeting. [Thanks Scott & everyone involved with CCDA Indy 2005, for collaborating like this, to impact lives & communities in the ONE name of Christ!]

See you all on the 8th.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tippecanoe Community Impact Workshop

An Action Item at the Midwest City Impact Roundtable in October 2004 was to set up regional meetings around the State of Indiana, in order to connect people involved with transformation ministry.

The first of these meetings, called Community Impact Workshops, has been scheduled in Lafayette, IN, on Wed, March 30, 2005. It will serve Tippecanoe and the surrounding 7 counties (Fountain, Warren, Benton, White, Carroll, Clinton, and Montgomery.)

The invitations are not restricted to these counties, so all of you are welcome, but the Panel members, and other speakers will focus on regional matters.

Please forward this email to anyone on your list who would be interested in coming, or would be interested in a Community Impact Workshop in their area. This is the only way that this information will be disseminated, because I do not have an extensive statewide mailing list. Part of the idea of these meetings is to develop the network of Transform Indiana.

I look forward to seeing you at a Community Impact Workshop in your area.



Eldon E. Kibbey
CBMC Indiana
P.O. Box 68208
Indianapolis IN 46268-0208

Tentative Schedule

Tippecanoe Community Impact Workshop
Wednesday, Mar 30, 2005

Lafayette, IN

Location – City Center Holiday Inn Select
Downtown Lafayette, IN
Scope: Tippecanoe & 7 surrounding counties
Purpose: Invite mayors & other city officials, church leaders, business & professional leaders, educators, and any others who are interested in discovering faith-based solutions to community problems
11:30-12:30pm Lunch – either provided or on own
12:30pm Opening Prayer
1:00pm Panel discussion presenting community issues
Mayor of Lafayette
IN Legislature member
US Rep Steve Buyer?
3 Clergymen
` 2:00pm Roundtable discussion, brainstorm solutions
3:00pm Feedback – consider actions
3:30pm Break – snacks
4:00pm Roundtable – focus on specific tasks
5:00pm Feedback – develop action plans
5:30pm Assign responsibilities – set teams & accountability
5:45pm Closing Prayer
Cost – to be determined

Boler Concepts is Blogging Finally

Thank's Neil

I am ready to start. Now that I be Blogging my ministry can take flight with the prayers and support of the great people that are now part of TI.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

TI Planning Meeting... Tues, Feb.22...

Just a reminder: Those who are actively involved in reaching our cities throughout the state, and who can spare a couple of hours Tuesday afternoon, to pray & plan together... you're welcome to join us at 3:00pm. [...at Eldon's conference room, here in Indy near 86th on Georgetown. Call him at 317-871-4098 for directions or further info.]

Had to laugh when I got his note, and attached agenda. Eldon is proposing that we start our agenda with a "Moment of Silence" ...silencing our cell phones, that is. **LOL**

Speaking of phones... we may also be discussing starting a statewide teleconference call each month, for the sake of communications with city-reachers throughout Indiana. Some of us participate nationally in such a teleconference call, and it works great! Helps get everyone on the same page, so to speak. Usually we have a guest speaker on the call... and lots of Q&A. In fact, lately people have enjoyed it so much they've been calling in early, just to chat beforehand, and get to know one another a little better. And we've moved to WEEKLY teleconference calls, with differing subject-areas.

So those of you throughout the state that would be interested in hooking up once a month, let us know. Or if you'd like to also participate in the national calls, you'd be welcome. [Be at the meeting Tuesday and we'll talk.]

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Today's National Teleconference Call

Today was the regular monthly teleconference call among city-reachers, hosted by Mission America Coalition's city-reaching unit. The special topic was "Women Involved In City-reaching", and featured 3 notable Christian women... one of which visited Indianapolis recently... [continue at CityReaching.org]

10 Bills Rekindle Abortion Debate

[continue article at Indianapolis Star]

Stay in touch daily, with Christian news & comment coming out of Indianapolis, at IndyChristian.com.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

More Counties Now Online...

  • Miami County
  • Montgomery County (Crawfordsville area).
  • Clark-Washington Counties (Southern Indiana)
  • Vigo County (Terre Haute area)
  • Allen County (Ft. Wayne area)

See links in the RH nav-bar.

Hope all of you will alert your key contacts in those areas to email us and specifically ask to be listed as city-reaching contacts in their particular cities, communities or neighborhoods. As well, they may also become authorized bloggers at their county site in order to accelerate collaborative conversation toward better reaching their county/city for Christ... together.

[And hopefully, these county sites will become great connectors to key contacts who share the passion for greater prayer, care & share... community by community, and neighborhood by neighborhood.]

[As well, we'll list their info on the growing contact list at CrossroadsConnection.com in order to make it easy for others to contact/collaborate with them.]

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Indiana Home Educators Events...

Heads-up: There are some great events this month for Indiana's home educators... especially their 20th Annual Convention Feb. 25-26 in Indianapolis.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Noel Castellanos... Featured at the Next Meeting... Feb.15th...

Noel Castellanos heads the Latino Leadership Foundation (Chicago).

"We believe that building the leadership capacity of emerging Latino leaders in the barrios of our nation is the key to more effective and dynamic ministry that will change lives and transform communities!"

"Our vision is to ignite a passion in the Body of Christ for reaching and transforming the barrios of our nation with the Gospel."

Noel is also integrally involved in CCDA... and will be coming to Indianapolis for the February 15th "Community Faith Forum"... and the Transform Indiana networking lunch.

Mark your calendars. Detailed information regarding the "Community Faith Forum" event is found at Leadership Foundation of Indianapolis. Location... currently both events are planned for Vida Nueva Church and Family Center  2801 West Washington Street (Southwest corner of Washington and Warman, map).

Please join us as we listen and discuss what the Lord is doing in the Latino community!

Community Faith Forum:
8:00  8:20 Coffee and Doughnuts
8:20  8:30 Welcome /Introductions and Prayer
8:30  9:30 Guest Speaker
9:30  9:45 Coffee Break
9:45  11:00 Panel Discussion  Applications for Indy
11:00- 11:15 Announcements & Closing Prayer

Transform Indiana:
Luncheon meeting will follow at noon (til 2pm)! [BYOL -- Bring Your Own Lunch.]

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Reminder: Tonight, Feb.3rd... City-focused Prayer Meeting...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

St. Joseph - Elkhart Counties... Online...

The South Bend / Elkhart area is now online. For those of our partners who have key pastor/leader type contacts in this area, please advise them we'd gladly send them official authorizations to post at this collaborative site... to facilitate 'connecting' for greater prayer, care, share in their cities.

Please advise me who to send such authorizations to. [I'll need their email addresses, as well as their names/contact info.]