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Thursday, February 10, 2005

More Counties Now Online...

  • Miami County
  • Montgomery County (Crawfordsville area).
  • Clark-Washington Counties (Southern Indiana)
  • Vigo County (Terre Haute area)
  • Allen County (Ft. Wayne area)

See links in the RH nav-bar.

Hope all of you will alert your key contacts in those areas to email us and specifically ask to be listed as city-reaching contacts in their particular cities, communities or neighborhoods. As well, they may also become authorized bloggers at their county site in order to accelerate collaborative conversation toward better reaching their county/city for Christ... together.

[And hopefully, these county sites will become great connectors to key contacts who share the passion for greater prayer, care & share... community by community, and neighborhood by neighborhood.]

[As well, we'll list their info on the growing contact list at CrossroadsConnection.com in order to make it easy for others to contact/collaborate with them.]


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