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Friday, February 17, 2006

Local National Ministry set to appear on Harvest Show

Local National Ministry - the Governors' Prayer Team will be on the Harvest Show with there appearance set for Monday February 20th 9:00 am EST(also rebroadcast at 9 pm EST). Check here for a local station. Both Governors Prayer Team President Rev. Tom Walker & Executive Director Mr. David Jahnke will appear on the show that is slotted for Monday. "This is a great opportunity to share the GPT vision with world." Said Walker of the interview, "Folks will get a chance to experience fist hand a living breathing network of prayer that consists of independent Prayer Leaders from State to Neighborhood levels and a network of Intercessors that fill every gap in between.".

It seems they are fostering new independent prayer ministries all over the map and networking them with existing independent ministries allowing them to lift up all those in authority (1 Tim 2:2) including the various ministries involved in leadership and the intercessors themselves in on going local, regional and country wide concerts of prayer.

"We are weaving a blanket of prayer of the finest thread count but as for today it looks more like a net with some denser weaving in certain places but soon it will be finished to the glory of God." said Walker. If you wish to know more you can go to their websit www.governorsprayerteam.org or to join the team in Indiana click here


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