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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Today's Mission America City-Reaching Call...

Just got off the national teleconference call originating in Minneapolis, by Mission America's City-Reaching team. [If you'd ever like to listen-in on that call, visit CityReaching.com and let them know. It's outstanding, each month with a different guest presenter on the call.]

This month's presenter(s) were Bob Bakke & Daniel Henderson... on the topic(s) of Global Day of Prayer.... and related... How mega-pastors can get involved and the difference they can make in a city-reaching movement of God.

It's exciting to hear of the global movement, especially this prayer movement originating from Africa. We're talking STADIUMS full of prayer. And not just a few -- but 2,000 venues involving 23,000,000 people.... and followed by "90 days of blessing" on those cities. That is, active outworkings of prayer, being salt & light in their communities in an obvious way concentrated into the following 90 days.

But where's the U.S.A. "Church"?

Dallas may hold the answer... and provide a model. It's exciting to hear some diverse mega-pastors names being mentioned who are apparently actively moving on this concept. Stay tuned.

Visit the Global Day of Prayer website for further information. And mark out May 15 (Pentecost Sunday). And stay tuned.

[Also stay tuned here for a link to CityReaching.com's audio-file of today's call, when available.]


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