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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Help Indiana stay #1 in prayer coverage.

Hello, Tom Walker here from The Indiana National Day of Prayer and the National Governors Prayer Team. As you know the National Day of Prayer will be taking place as always on the 1st Thursday in May (May, 4th 2006). Indiana has been blessed to have NDP event coordinators in all 92 of it counties two years in a row. This has never been accomplished in NDP history before and it has the attention of all the states now. They all are being asked to accomplish this same goal and with Gods help all 50 states will accomplished this assuming it is within Gods will.

Listed below are the 13 counties that we are unaware of prayer events taking place. There is a quick online form that folks can fill out to be Official NDP Task Force prayer event coordinators located
HERE. And wouldn't it be great to come and meet with Shirley Dobson during here visit to Indianapolis September 7th as one of the team? There is plenty of helpful information available there to act as a guide to holding many different types of prayer events. There are leadership positions available in every county (city, town & event leaders).

If there are questions I may be reached at 317-286-1117 or

Benton County (Fowler)
Franklin County (Brookville)
Jennings County (Vernon)
Martin County (Shoals)
Ohio County (Rising Sun)
Owen County (Spencer)
Parke County (Rockville)
Pike County (Petersburg)
Ripley County (Versailles)
Rush County (Rushville)
Starke County (Knox)
Steuben County (Angola)
Union County (Liberty)

Connecting people for Gods Holy purposes,

Rev. Thomas (Tom) C. Walker
President & State Chairman - Indiana National Day of Prayer
Founder & President - Governors Prayer Team
865 Country Walk Court
Brownsburg, Indiana 46112-1770


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