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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Global Day of Prayer USA

Hey guys!

Lets get focused on prayer GLOBALLY. In case you didn’t know I am on the GDOP-USA Team. I am mostly building the US website right now. No super graphics here but great practical content on the nuts and bolt on how you, your church or region can be involved in what will be the largest global prayer season ever. Period!

With the National Day of Prayer taking place here in the US May 5th and followed by 10 day build up to Pentecost Sunday on the 15, coincidentally being the Global Day of Prayer!

There is all sorts of information to down load on the how to’s of big or small participation such as

Phase 1 (6 - 15 May 2005)

The Global Day of Prayer will be preceded by ten days of prayer following the example set by the first followers who "joined together constantly" in prayer (Acts 1:14).

During these ten days (between the ascension of Jesus and the descent of His Holy Spirit on Pentecost) believers will be organizing ways to pray together night and day beginning Friday 6 May through to the end of Pentecost Sunday, 15 May 2005.

Phase 2 (15 May 2005)

It is time now for God's people to gather again in persistent, united prayer. What better way to unite in prayer than to consecrate ourselves to see God for ten days, as Jesus' first followers did, culminating on the day of Pentecost?

Phase 3 (16 May 2005 - 30 September 2005)
• Following the Global Day of Prayer will be 90 days of community transformations and a compassionate Plan of Action.

That’s all for now except to give you the address for the website www.gdop-us.com. You can see it in a few days but I can give you a peek at http://www.americasprayerteam.com/GDOP-USA/Home.htm .

Bless you all,

Tom Walker
State Coordinator
Indiana National Day of prayer


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