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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Operation Starting Line...

Another great element of CCDA for me, was getting to know leaders of other great collaborative initiatives underway elsewhere in the country which could also be applicable here in Indy & Indiana. One such leader was Paul Krueger, Navigators, who is working with Prison Fellowship and many other nationally-known evangelical ministries, toward a very collaborative approach to jail issues.

While our time together was so condensed, at least Paul was able to share a bit about "Operation Starting Line". Of course the name itself got my attention, as it probably would for every "Driven Christian in the Racing Capital of the World". But OPL isn't about the Indy 500, it's about a 'race against crime'... and not unlike the collaborative "Breaking Out of the Jail Cycle" efforts we've advocated for, locally. [And word on the street is that the upcoming Governor's Conference on Volunteerism & Service (April 10-11, 2006), which we're participating in, will include a track for jail-related issues.]

Perhaps OPL is a great fit and we need to get involved.... [continued at OperationStartingLine.net]


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