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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Earthquake/Tsunami Prayers & Relief......

Wish you knew how best to help regarding this week's earthquake & tsunami survivors? So would a lot of Christians here locally. One email received from the disaster area reminded Christians that secular donations often get channeled through governmental distribution in the affected areas.... and in this case are largely controlled via Muslim or Hindu led governments -- thus often fail to reach Christian minorities in those countries. So how do we ensure best use of our funds?

Christian Emergency Network (CEN) was established after September 11, 2001, by several Mission America Coalition partners (a coalition of 500 leaders and 80+ denominations) to respond effectively in a national crisis, giving the hope of Jesus Christ. CEN now has over 1,000 ministry and media partners.

Salvation Army is a significant partner with C.E.N., and is actively involved in emergency relief. See Salvation Army Online for up-to-date news & relief efforts & donation link re the current disaster.

Also see WorldRelief.org -- another 'statement-of-faith', evangelical organization who works with indigenous partners across the world to best distribute relief resources.

[Future reference: Visit http://whenyouneedsomeone.com/wyns2.htm .]


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